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ENG401 Assignment 1 Solution Parts of Speech On Assignment Solution

ENG401 Assignment 1 Solution Parts of Speech On Assignment Solution PART OF SPEECH This article is totally based on parts of speech. We will focused on parts of speech. Parts of speech is very important in English language. Every world have a place value if you will not use the suitable word in your sentence then your sentence will be wrong. So, today we are going to teach about parts of speech on assignment solution. Keep in mind your sentence should be meaningful and explain your sentence very nicely. When you will write your sentence then use the parts of speech of speech very carefully, we also hope that you know about parts of speech, but some student will be confused about parts of speech and they forget about it. So, dear student do not worry about it. Just keep in mind a very simple formula of parts of speech. And the formula is I=interjection V=verb A=adverb N=noun C=conjunction A=adjective p=pronoun P=preposition Always remember. Subject + verb + object Like=he eats burger. So always follow the rules when you follow the rules then you have no hesitation about yours sentence making. Need yours attention on your sentence. So dear students What is noun? Noun is the name of a person place, thing are called noun. Like there is an example also. John is a doctor. So john is noun. But dear student, keep in mind this is not just one kind of noun. There are many others types of noun -like 1) Proper noun 2) Common noun 3) Possessive noun 4) Abstract noun 5) Countable noun) What is verb? The verb is also important part of your sentence. A verb or compound verb asserts something about the subject of the sentence and express action, event. There are many courses provides a variety of exercise covering the topics useful for student. Very simple grammatical terms are introduce at appropriate storage together with simple definition and very suitable example .which will be very helpful for our students. Grammar We introduce different topics and explained in a very simple, clear and easy to understand form. Composition easy to understand form. COMPOSITION; Different form of composition are explained with examples to develop skill in writing paragraphs, essay, picture, compositions, autobiographies, letters, reports, invitations, advertisements, summaries, and diary entries. Online download tips, tests and resources for students and interactive tests, games, assignments and exercises for students. Dear students, think about it, that now education is very easy for every person and now, you have no issue and problems about yours studies, as we told you before, we introduce very simple ways of education. You can increase your vocabulary from this way. When you have an idea in your mind then share your ideas with others in English language .you can exchange your ideas and get the ideas of others person which will on other side of your. Discuss the important issue to your Friends: through this activity, you will improve your English language. So we will expecting you that you gives full attention on your language skills through our guidance. There are our so much youngsters which have lack of education, but if they will follow this direction, they can be successful. Always remember, Hard work is the key to success. For more leaning and knowledge, keep visiting assignment solution dot net.

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